Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Information Super-HATEway...

"We live in a great day and age. Will we notice our imperfections before it's too late?"

Anyone over the age of twenty five can still remember what it was like living in a world without the Internet. Those were the summers of active lifestyles where children, like myself, would have nothing to do inside during the day. Sure, that left a lot of time for breaking windows, fighting, cursing and all sorts of debauchery. Idle hands are the devil's play thing, you know. We also found time to play ball, ride our bikes, play games and be creative by using our imaginations.

Today, with online social networking sites, viral videos and gaming, it's easy to stay indoors and spend hours in front of the computer. Hours of daylight lost waiting for replies from friends about emails/instant messages, leveling up a character on your favorite game or even just watching stupid people do stupid things on youtube.

When the internet was brand new to the public, surfing the web meant checking out websites that interested you in hope of learning or sharing great things with other people. Chat rooms were huge and the place to be if you were to reach out to others and meet new exciting people. Not one site cost money to view the first year or so the internet was growing in popularity.

Today, many sites offer premium memberships with a monthly cost to view sections of the website. Prices that aren't justified for their content.

Chat rooms are almost obsolete. They have been replaced by message boards/forums where instead of meeting new people, posters would rather flame the person who posted before them.

By today's definition, surfing the web means to visit the same sites you visit everyday and maybe once in a while you will find a new page to add to the list. At least until you get bored of that page and forget about it entirely.

The internet has become something no one could have predicted back in 1995. It's a place infected by hate. Everyone is a critic and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this writer feels the trend of hate has influenced almost everyone.

Do a search in your favorite search engine for "_____ review" and fill in that blank with any topic. Be it movie, book, video game, tv show etc. Click on any result from the search and see what you will find.

You'll find either, long, drawn-out, most times nit-picking, reasons as to why the reviewer disliked whatever subject he/she is reviewing. Or, you'll find a short review of why the subject was liked by the reviewer. If this is the case, the review will be followed by comments by readers of the review saying how "dumb" "stupid" or "ignorant" the reviewer was because they liked whatever it is they liked.

Hating anything and everything anyone likes is the new trend for the new generation of internet visitors. It's ridiculous. It's pointless. It's destroying what the internet was meant for, information sharing.

Trends come and go. So, we've got that going for us.

--The Marv--

PS -
No one has given me a good explaination as to why good reviews tend to be fractions of the size of bad reviews. I'm open to theories.


  1. People cannot go off on tangents with good reviews. We tend to focus on the bad in life. Not the good. Which is incredibly sad.